The International House at Maxcy College

Come live the international life on campus!

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The International House at Maxcy College is an on-campus residential community designed to bring American students and international students together in a unique living arrangement. This setting provides you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, to share your own culture with others, and to experience the world from the comfort of your living room. Maxcy residents help plan and organize each semester’s events.

The International House is an exciting and rewarding experience, but all the fun and games have a larger purpose. It was created with specific learning outcomes in mind:

1.       Create a positive living environment among residents of multicultural and international backgrounds.

2.       Provide students opportunities for professional development with a focus on cross-cultural communication skills.

3.       Build residents’ knowledge by exposure to new cultural experiences and situations.  Expose students to cultural experiences so that they can begin to move towards an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.

4.      Encourage active social and civic responsibility through community service.

To join the community, admitted students must select The International House at Maxcy College when completing their housing application.