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College of Education

Fiscal Year 2016


AT: Athletic Training Program
CDRC: Child Development Research Center
COE: College of Education
EDLP: Department of Educational Leadership and Policies
EDST: Department of Educational Studies
ITE: Department of Instruction and Teacher Education
OPE: Office of Program Evaluation
PE: Department of Physical Education
SCEPC: South Carolina Educational Policy Center
SCSIC: South Carolina School Improvement Council

Faculty Co-Planner Project Name Sponsor Department(s) Funding Keywords
(hidden column)
Baker, Hannah   15250-GL39: Writing Improvement Network 2015-16 SC General Assembly  ITE $182,761  
Christle, Christine Yell, Mitch;
Dickey, Ed
15240-FL08: USC Special Education Program Improvement Project (USC SEPIP)  U.S. Department of Education EDST, ITE $199,946  
D'Amico, Leigh    15290-KA07: KIPS Evaluation Project St. Lawrence Place/United Way of the Midlands  OPE $7,265  
DiStefano, Christine Greer, Fred 15240-FA13: A Psychometric Investigation of Universal Screening for Social-Emotional Development in Preschool Using Parent and Teacher Informants IES  EDST $310,095  
DiStefano, Christine Greer, Fred 15280-GL24: South Carolina Education Policy Fellows Program 2015-16 SC Education Policy Fellows Program Board/SCD  EDST $5,000  
Dickenson, Tammiee Lewis, Ashlee 15290-FA17: Evaluation of the Carolina Consortium for Enterprise Learning Project Richland School District Two/USDE OPE $195,061  
Dickenson, Tammiee   15290-FL30: STEP (Science Teaching Enhancement Project) into the New Science Standards - Year 3 SC Dept of Education/USDE OPE $20,520  
Googe, Heather   15220-FL03:SC Gateways: Preschool Initiative SC Dept of Education/USDE CDRC $100,399  
Hudgins, James   15230-GL19: 2015-16 SC Technical College Leadership Academy SC State Board of Technical and Comprehensive Education EDLP $10,000  
Hudson, Tom   15280-GL23: School Improvement Council 2015-16 SC General Assembly SIC $127,303  
Hudson, Tom   15280-GL24: South Carolina Education Policy Fellows Program 2015-16 SC Education Policy Fellows Program Board/SCDE SIC $5,000  
Johnson, Robert (EDST) Dickenson, Tammiee;
Monrad, Diane
15240-FA11: Evaluation of Richland School District Two's Magnet Project: Full STEAM Ahead (Year 3) Richland School District Two/US Dept of Education EDST, OPE, SCEPC $49,115  
Knopf, Herman   15220-KA01: Children’s Trust of SC Research Project Children’s Trust of South Carolina/Annie E. Casey Foundation CDRC $2,000  
Knopf, Herman   15220-FL02: Management & Administration of the Child Care Resource & Referral Network 2015-2016 SC Department of Social Services/HHS CDRC $1,498,252  
Knopf, Herman Googe, Heather 15220-FJ05: Building a Statewide System for Inclusion 2015-16 SC Department of Social Services/HHS CDRC $537,268  
Lewis, Ashlee Dickenson, Tammiee 15290-FA15: Evaluation of Richland School District Two's Magnet Project: Full STEAM Ahead (Year 3) Richland School District Two/US Dept of Education OPE $55,447  
Marshall, Kathlee Plotner, Tony 15240-FJ28: Project FOCUS: Preparing Special Education Administrators with a Focus on Research to Practice in Transition USDE EDST $208,629  
Mensch, James   15210-KL04: Datalys Center FOA Youth Football Safety Study Year 4 2015 Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention  PE $53,018  
Miller, Bridget Buchheister, Kelly;
Martin, Christie
15250-FL58: Standards Based Integrated Instruction: The Next Step (SBII) Program SC Department of Education/USDE ITE $163,996  
Monrad, Diane   15270-GL05: SC Educational Policy Center, 2015-2016 SC General Assembly
SCEPC $75,000  
Monrad, Diane   15270-FA03: Evaluation of Richland School District Two's Magnet Project: Full STEAM Ahead (Year 3) Richland School District Two/US Dept of Education SCEPC $55,438  
Smith, Douglas   15230-LP30: GA: Adam Helgeson, Sarah Gay, and Caroline Wallace Columbia College
EDLP $38,653  
Smith, Douglas   15230-LP31: GA: Cassie Hurst and Chelsea Day Newberry College
EDLP $26,000  
Thompson, Stephen   15250-FL59:STEP (Science Teaching Enhancement Project) into the New Science Standards - Year 3 SC Department of Education/USDE


Torres-McGehee, Toni   15210-KP01: GA: Sarah Gilland
Hammond School   PE $20,000   
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-HP25: GA: Ari Cowen Fairfield County School District
PE $21,500  
Torres-McGehee, Toni  

15210-HP24: GA: Catie O'Neal

Swansea High School  PE $21,500  
Torres-McGehee, Toni   15210-KP00: GA: Kami Rodgers Heathwood Hall Episcopal School  PE $19,500  
Torres-McGehee, Toni   15210-LP39: GA: Shannon Jamerson, Zach Richards, Loran Strunk, Monica Kimmel, Alec Garcia, Molly Harris, Spencer Connell Palmetto Health Baptist  PE $147,000  
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-LP38: GA: Kelsey Potts
Calhoun County High School  PE $21,500  
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-LP37: GA: Alyssa Otto Allen University PE $20,000  
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-LP36: GA: Kayla Gonzalez  Claflin University PE $21,500  
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-JP04: GA: Meaghan Minori, Alicia Scott, Emily Sterling, Kyle Dolan, Jeremy Eith, Kayla Souve, Cassie Mall, Matt Sienkowski, Andrew Flanigan, Sydney Suppa, Greg Wakefield, Kaitlyn Creznic, Nicole Taranto Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, LLC PE $225,000   
Torres-McGehee, Toni    15210-HP23: GA: Kyra Dodson and Caitlyn Hart Newberry County School District
PE $42,000  
Virtue, David   15250-LX00: OEO: Contract Courses Revenue  Various ITE $41,650  
Wang, Yang   15250-KA12: In-service and Pre-service Teachers Practice: Retrospective Miscue Analysis with Young Readers  Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT)  ITE $1,500  
Watson, Lemuel   15200-GL06: College of Education Center for Educational Partnerships 2015-16 SC General Assembly  COE $100,000  
Watson, Lemuel     15200-GL07: SC Middle Grades Initiative, 2015-2016 SC General Assembly COE  $75,000  
Watson, Lemuel     15200-LX00: OEO: Contract Courses Revenue
Various Sponsors
Winburn, Linda   15200-G221: Teacher Cadet Program SC Center for Teacher Recruitment COE $350  
Yeargin, Susan   15250-FA08: Objective Brain Function Assessment of mTBI from Initial Injury to Rehabilitation and Treatment Optimization  BRAINSCOPE® COMPANY, INC./DOD PE $130,511  
Yee, Sean   15250-FA30: MATH: EAGER: Collaborative Research: Implementing a Peer-Mentorship Model for Mathematics Graduate Student Instructors National Science Foundation ITE $130,766  

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